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AfbeeldingAfbeeldingExcursion London/Cambridge4 July – 7 July 2016Cambridge class 2 

We went to London with our Cambridge 2 class. Our class went together with some students from 3-VMBO. We left on Monday around 6:30 a.m. The bus trip was long, but it was bearable. We took the train from Calais to Folkestone. The train journey was rather uncomfortable, since there was little space to move around. Yet it didn’t take too much time, so it wasn’t that bad. When we arrived in London it took the bus driver some time to get through all the traffic. It was quite hectic. When we arrived in the Hostel we got some time to make our rooms and ourselves ready. After that we took the underground to Piccadilly Circus. We got some free time to see M&M world or buy some souvenirs. After that we went to the London Eye. Despite my fear of heights, I found it really awesome. The view was amazing. After the London Eye we walked over Parliament Square where we saw some beautiful messages from the entire world about Jo Cox, which were really impressing. After that we went back to the hostel and went to bed.  

Next morning we had breakfast and we went to see the changing of the guards. We saw the Horse Guards Parade and after that we went on a boat trip on the Thames. We saw St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower bridge and much more. That afternoon we went to the Natural History Museum which was really impressing. Later we went to Camden. It looked like kind of a sketchy place, but that was mainly because we all walked past the wrong road. So we didn’t see the places in Camden we were supposed to, but it was still very nice. That evening we went to the theatre to see Charlie and the chocolate factory. It was really great.   

AfbeeldingWednesday we went to Cambridge, it was quite a long trip. In Cambridge we went punting. That means that you sit in a boat and someone with a long stick is moving the boat forward while telling about Cambridge. It was too bad that the woman who was with our group didn’t tell thing unless you asked specifically, but the environment was beautiful. In Cambridge we got some free-shopping time so we saw all kinds of little stores and a little market. When we came back that evening, we all got some money to buy dinner. After that we sat in the lounge to watch the EK match between Portugal and Wales. We went to bed early (us girls at least) , because we had to pack our stuff for the trip back home.  

The trip was approximately as long as the trip to London, and came home around 11 p.m. The whole trip was truly great. I really enjoyed it. 




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