Informatie Sporture

The ‘Sport and Nature’ project is an international exchange project between two schools, IESO Gabriel García Márquez in Tiétar and RSG Wiringherlant in Wieringerwerf.

The project revolves around the different environments of the pupils.

IESO Gabriel García Márquez is situated in the Navalmoral de la Mata county in the Extremadura region.

Extramadura is situated in the South-West of Spain. The area borders Castile and León in the North, Andalusia is the South, Castile-La Mancha in the east and Portugal in the West. Because of the low level of industrialization, Extremadura has been able to keep most of its natural environment. Several national parks can be found here like Sierra de Gredot and National Park Monfragüe. The most important rivers are the Taag in the North and the Guadiana in the South.

The Netherlands is the main constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It borders the North sea in the west and north, Germany in the east and Belgium in the west The capital of The Netherlands is Amsterdam, the government is situated in Den Haag. The Caribbean Islands Bonaire, St. Eustis and Saba are special counties of The Netherlands.

The Netherlands has a population of 16.877.351 (2014) on an area of 41.543 km², the population density is high, 406,3/km² (2014). Over 18% of the surface is water and a significant amount of land is below sea-level. The land is protected from the water through a system of Dykes and waterworks. By gaining land, polders are created.


A polder is an area which is surrounded by dykes, the water level can be artificially raised and lowered. The water level in the polder is always lower than the surrounding area.

Poldermill, you can see the difference in water level between the front and the back of the mill.

Wieringerwerf a small village in the polder Wieringermeer, Wieringermeer is part of Hollands Kroon (Holland’s Crown) in the province of North-Holland. The village was founded in 1931, a year after the polder had been lain dry. There are two forests several kilometers North of Wieringerwerf. The largest of the two is the Robbenoordbos and it stretches all the way to the beginning of the Afsluitdijk. The Dijkgatbos was planted on the remaining sand that was left behind after the dyke broke through.

RSG-Wiringherlant now has around 1100 pupils and a staff of about 110. In the Spring and the Summer almost all pupils come to school by bike. Having to cycle for half an hour just to get to school is quite normal for these pupils.


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